Saleco Replacement Projector Lamp & Bulbs Comparison

Lamp for Saleco SLC650X

Lamp for Saleco SLCUP1

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The new SELECO SVD800HD CRT Projector is the latest addition in the Projector markets. It is meant for the Home Theater Market. There are many advanced features for this brand. It can display all HDTV standards accepted world over. The wattages for Saleco brands are low (130-150), but assures high lumens. UHP type projector lamps Saleco projectors offer best features in the projector markets. Automatic control of screen movements, multiple aspect ratios, DVD anamorphic and screen masking system are some of the major features of this brand of projector. 1050 peak white lumens offer best brightness with top quality projector lamps and other state of the art technologies in Saleco projectors. You will never repent on your decision to purchase a Saleco projector lamp.

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