Polaroid Projector Lamp & Bulb Replacement

A renowned brand name in projectors, Polaroids has been in the projector markets for decades. Innovative technologies, unique features, unmatched performances and the cheap price tags make the Polaroid projectors user friendly. The low wattage requirement (130-200 watts) with higher lumens per watt is a prime feature of these brand projectors. The liquid crystal display and the state of the art Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology offer best clarity in projections. The different lamps UHP, UHM and UHB equipped in Polaroid Projectors works very efficiently. Polaroid projector lamps have assured life of more than 2000 hours. The SVGA lenses in Polaroid projectors give higher resolutions and good clarity images. The longevity of Polaroid projector lamps offers the best purchase option. You will feel the visual impact of the presentations with Polaroid projector lamps.

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