What is OEM Projector Lamps

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". Quite simply, this means that the projector lamp has been assembled by the manufacturer of your projector. Also known as "genuine" lamp, they are preferred in comparison with compatible products.

Choosing an OEM product has its own pros and cons related to its usage. The major advantage of OEM products is quality. Being made by the original manufacturer using genuine parts, they offer the best available such. Another plus is warranty and longer life. Being an OEM product, lamps have been designed to perfectly match the projector. However all of the above has its cost and OEM lamps are more expensive and availability is not defined because of inventory issues.

Advantages of OEM Lamps

Highest Available Quality and Perfect Fit - Being made by the original manufacturer OEM Lamps offer the highest quality, 100% compatibility and longer life.

Disadvantages of OEM Lamps

Higher Price and Availability Issues - Being an OEM product they are more expensive than compatible such and availability is sometimes an issue due to the way manufacturers plan and organize inventory and stock availability of replacement parts.

What is OEM Compatible Projector Lamps

OEM compatible lamps are manufactured by various companies and offer a good alternative to OEM lamps, they are cheaper and availability should not be a problem. Most such manufacturers have quality controlled processes and lamps are supposed to have long life. However the biggest disadvantage is that of "compatibility" since you never know if they have reached 100% compatibility and if so what would be the result: shorter life etc. However they are generally preferred because of availability and lower cost.

Advantages of OEM Compatible Lamps

Availability and Competitive Pricing (You can save up to 20% compared to OEM Lamp)

Disadvantages of OEM Compatible Lamps

Lamp Life Variation - Even though they are produced as 100% compatible replacements there is no guarantee that their life time will be as good as that of an OEM such.

What is Relamping

The option to purchase and replace the bulb only is called "relamping" For additional information please follow the link Relamping


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