Installing projector lamps

One of the basic problems faced by proud owners of projectors of any brand is the failure of the projector lamps or bulbs. These lamps act as the source of illumination and play a pivotal role in projecting the image on the screen. So once your projector requires a lamp change, it can be achieved by adopting some simple but effective steps.

There are two types of spares available in the market, one is the primary "Bulb" and the other is in the form of a unit: "Bulb with housing". The housing is just a plastic compartment that acts as a fixture for the bulb and is the most preferred replacement in case of lamp failure. One important tip to remember is to change the whole assembly as a unit rather than changing the bulb alone since the former practice will increase the efficiency of the replaced lamp which otherwise might not be in a balance with the older housing.

Installation tips:

  • Avoid any kind of movement when the projector is on. This will cause the filament to burst due to its fragile nature.
  • Lamp hours generally indicate the optimum life of the projector lamp that is in use. So plan for a replacement when the life starts deteriorating.
  • Allow sufficient time for cooling of the filament before replacing the lamp. And never touch the lamp using bare hands since its working temperatures are high.
  • Ensure that the projector is not plugged in the power socket when replacing the lamp.
  • Make sure that the socket area and the inner parts of the projector and housing is free from any form of dust which will decrease the luminosity.
  • Replacing the unit, with bulb housing is an easy process and just requires the disconnecting of wires and re connecting the same once the housing is fixed.
  • In case of bare bulb, wear a glove to handle the new bulb and check it for any defects before installing it in its socket. Take the bulb and insert it in its socket in such a manner that there is no skin contact between your hands and the bulb. This will cause premature failure of the bulbs.
  • The last step would be to enclose the lamp with the housing and tighten the screws. The projector should be switched on only after it is maintained at the room temperature for some time. Initial testing can be done by keeping the projector in a flat surface.

All bulbs and the housings come with a warranty that will enable replacement of faulty pieces. Projector lamps also contain mercury lamps which may leak due to some damage in the glass. Proper care should be taken in installing and operating the projector as such since they deal with delicate parts that are sometimes irreparable if damaged.


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