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Mandalay, The Golden City

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Constructed in 1922, the Golden gate theater was just began as a film theatre. It was closed because of some problems of films being shown in the theatre.

Good thing that the Golden theater was reopened in 1970s but maybe not as a movie theatre. It turned into a place of performing arts and became much more famous than being a film theatre.

The renovation has been outstanding that made the old theater a place for hot performance whose functionality are undoubtedly spectacular.

Seating Capacity

The one of a kind architectural layout allows magnificent sound to each guest in each floor. Wherever the guests ' are positioning, they'll all experience a superb auditory and visual performance in the theatre.

What's good about Golden Gate Theatre is that, they care for all sorts of guests particularly those who need special aid. The lobbies are PWD friendly, in which you will find designated isles for wheelchairs to maneuver. You may also contact the control team for guests who have auditory and visual impairment so that they also, even if impaired can still enjoy superb functionality held in Golden Gate Theatre. If you want to get more details about golden gate theater tickets, you may visit on

Because of Golden Gate Theatre tickets, everyone can access tickets from licensed ticketing outlet in San Francisco. However, for faster trade, an individual can purchase tickets of forthcoming events on the internet through their site. There are also other sites that formally sell tickets of all events being held in Golden Gate Theatre. Check them out and also experience a superb display in a fantastic venue.