The Right Place For The Right Lamp

Wednesday 15 November 2017 kl. 05:27

Finding the right kind of projector lamp is now made very easier by us. All you have to do is pick one that suits your requirements. give offers at various levels for branded projector lamps and OEMs that are unmatched by any other dealers. With more than 3000 projector lamps to choose from, we deal with all kinds of technologies inclusive of LCD, LCoS and DLP technology. A whooping number of 51 projector brands are dealt with by us and we give detailed description about part numbers, wattage details, and various technologies described at its best. With a quality that is unmatched, we are the best synonym for replacement projector lamps.

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Tv Series Review

Wednesday 08 November 2017 kl. 00:26

You may be wondering in this age of lcd & led  Televisions with 3D, HD, and even the newer curved screens if there is a place for TV’s which use the projector type of system. These Rear Projector TV’s are still in use, though not as popular. The TV works by using a projector lamp or lamps to project the TV picture onto the back of the television screen to produce the picture. These kind of projector TV’s were popular for the larger set, and never really took of for the smaller TV’s.

The quality of picture really depended on the a couple of points

  1. The quality of projector used for the TV
  1. The quality of the signal coming through your TV Aerial or Satellite Dish.

With some cheaper makes of projector TV’s you would compromise on the picture quality for the lower price. The type of projector lamp used also where of poorer quality. The picture is definitely not HD with these cheaper makes, and you would see a poorer more washed out picture. The next area to look at would be the signal strength coming off either your TV aerial or antenna. To get a clear uninterrupted picture you need to have a good clear signal from your Aerial. The signal would need to be mostly free from interference & to do this you would need to employ an Digital Aerial Installation Engineer. By using his spectrum analyzer the engineer can line up your TV Aerial correctly, and be able to view which position your aerial/antenna is best situated. Usually a high position with no obstacles such as trees or buildings is favoured.

If you are using a satellite dish to receive your TV, then a similar principle is used. The best and clearest signal is always aimed for & the satellite dish installer with use of a satellite meter will try and get a clear line of sight to receive the purest signal. With the projector Tv of old there is also the problem of out of date connections. Today we use HDMI cable to input the Sky box to the TV or Freesat, Virgin BT Vision or whatever you are going with, they will be using the HDMI as this is able to carry the HD signal to our TV. With the old style projectors, you would be using a scart connection, which can not carry HD, and therefore if you are wanting to watch your tele in HD, would mean that it is time to change your TV set.

When it comes to getting the best picture, you need to look at a quality TV Aerial Installation from a qualified aerial fitter ideally someone who is in you local area. Check his credentials, don’t be shy to ask if the engineer coming to your property to carry out a Digital Television Aerial Installation Blackpool is cai or Rdi accredited. Expect to pay a little more for his services as he uses better equipment in general than those that aren’t Rdi or cai accredited. The same is also true if what your after isn’t  an aerial installation, but a satellite installation. If you are going to use either Sky, or Freesat, then again the same principle applies, and the same engineer will be able to do the job for you.

So looking at what was not a hugely popular type of TV the rear projector lamp TV was in it’s own way a small part of the history of television sets which have come and gone. As Television Aerial Installation experts in Preston we have noticed it has had to move aside for the lighter less bulky and frankly superbly LED, LCD type TV sets.  As we move forward with ever changing styles and ways to view our favourite programs it will be very interesting to see what is the next step we will be taking on this road of discovery.

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